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Somos una consultora en economía,
estrategia y finanzas corporativas

Proveemos servicios de asesoramiento
para la alta dirección


Integramos MAP profesionales
con experiencia

en consultoría empresarial y en áreas de liderazgo y desarrollo de negocios en compañías locales e internacionales


Entender en profundidad las cadenas de valor y los mercados, y proyectarla estructura de las industrias,es la base fundamental desde donde construir junto con nuestros clientessus estrategias de posicionamiento y propuestas de valor

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About Us

MAP Economic & Business Advisors is an economy, strategy and corporate finance consultancy company, which provides advisory services to senior management.

MAP is leaded by professionals with a vast experience in business consultancy and in areas of leadership and business development in local and international companies.

We analyze the structure, performance and regulatory framework of the local and regional economies, assessing the impact of changes at the sector and company levels.

We study value chains and markets in depth, projecting the structure of the industries, and working with our clients on their strategic positioning and value propositions.

We build strategic plans and develop business cases to support decision making.

Likewise, we provide advice on M&A and financial structuring, and advice on strategy execution.

Value Proposition

Our VALUE PROPOSITION is based in the following attributes:

Direct involvement of the partners

We provide services under the concept of boutique consulting, where a strong involvement of partners and MAP senior consultants is the rule.

Focus on value

We focus on generating value to our clients in each engagement.

Comprehensive approach of the business

We address the client’s requests from an economic, strategic and financial perspectives.

In depth knowledge of the real economy

We have strong knowledge of the sectors, their structure and dynamics, and the logic of its value chains.

Closeness to the market

We keep a constant dialogue with the main actors and key stakeholders of the most relevant sectors of the economy.

International perspective

We analyse the global economy to sustain a continuous understanding of the macroeconomic and local sectors.

Latin American reach

We follow the economies of the countries in the region at macro and sectorial levels, as a basis where from to advise companies with a regional presence.


We work with policies and standards that guarantee a comprehensive performance of the company.

Our Values

The VALUES that guide MAP are:



To ensure customer value by having diverse teams and a comprehensive approach, our teams have high technical standards and strong professional expertise, and focus on issues from different perspectives, what assure results from an integrated point of view.
In this context, each of the members of MAP staff contributes toward achieving results that are simply more than the sum of the parts.



Gonzalo Santamarina


Gonzalo has a professional career of over 25 years, when he held several managerial positions as CEO and in the areas of finance, business development and strategic planning in Argentina and Latin America. As a consultant, he has led projects in the areas of Energy, Oil & Gas, the Knowledge Economy and Mobility and Infrastructure, among others. He is a Public Accountant (UNLP), with an MBA from the University of Chapel Hill at North Carolina, and has postgraduate studies in Strategy and Leadership at Wharton Business School, CCL (Center of Creative Leadership) and at Austral University Business School (IAE). He is currently a professor of the MBA postgraduate course at UNLP.


Juan Pablo Ronderos


Juan Pablo has a professional career of more than 15 years linked to macroeconomic and sector analysis. He has led areas of economic analysis and management advice in several consulting firms, covering lines such as Automotive and Mobility, Banking and Finance, Consumer Goods, and Raw Material Industries, among others. He is a graduated in Economics (UNLP), he has a Master in Economics from Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, is a regular lecturer in economic conferences in different fields and is currently a Professor at the School of Economics of UNLP.


Leopoldo Bibiloni


Leopoldo has a professional career of more than 15 years connected to corporate finance, consulting firms and project areas in companies. He has additionally taken part in Real Estate Development and Investment companies in Seed Capital as director. In business analysis, he has led projects in various areas and sectors such as: Automotive & Mobility, Agribusiness, Construction, Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Technology, Finance & Insurance and Consumer Goods, among others. He is a Public Accountant (UNLP) and has a postgraduate degree in Finance from Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.

Our service is fully customer–oriented: we seek to understand the particular needs in each of the cases. We customise our service and our teams are constituted through active involvement of the partners in all the advisorship stages.


MAP services are offered within the framework of continuous monthly advisorship along the year or as part of specific projects, and they comprise:


  • Macro and sectorial analysis, at local and regional levels
  • Design and Follow-up of key variables
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Analysis of change in new regulations
  • Impact analysis in sectors and companies
  • Support to Internal and External Corporate Reporting
  • Quantitative and qualitative Public Affairs strategies support


  • Design and redefinition of strategic plans
  • Analysis of strategic positioning and value propositions
  • Redefinition of Business Models
  • Revision of trends and local and global scenarios
  • Analysis of industries structures and value chains
  • Supply Chain Assessment, and strategies and development of new suppliers
  • Markets analysis and market entry strategies
  • Distress companies’ analysis and turnaround strategies


  • Construction of Business Cases
  • Analysis of investment projects
  • Business valuations
  • Advisorship in financing decision-making
  • Assistance in financial restructuring and optimization
  • M&A – Sell Side: advice on the sale of companies and alliances
  • M&A – Buy Side: targeting and prospect analysis


Automotive &
Financial Sector
Oil & Gas
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